Art Attack

Art comes in many shapes and sizes. In fact, art can be pretty hard to define sometimes. For example, the popular yet ellusive street artist–Banksey–could be argued a vandalist or an artist, depending on your point of view. Those who have been lucky/unfortunate enough to have one of his paintings applied to their property know first hand what its like.

Of course, we would argue on the side of fortune in the knowledge that Banksey’s last piece of art work sold for £500,000! Not too shabby, wouldn’t you say? The problem with art and the up and coming generation is that they associate it with old roman status, and oil paintings. It doesn’t have to be this way and there are tonnes of artists creating things in various places ouy of a number of materials, using thousands of different methods.
It has never been easier to try and be creative yourself. More and more enthusiast shops are opening, not to mention online resources. Don’t just limit yourself to things you can buy as there are plenty of things that are being thrown away that can be reinvigarated and used within a project.

Taking the subject further,  a relatively new type of art is body art. Now it’s possible to do any number of things to make one’s body a piece of art. Some options are permanent, some are temporary. For example, you could change the white of your eye to blue if you like. Not really our cup of tea… but things like this are working their way into the main stream.

So is traditional art still around? Well… yes it is. Art gallaries still put on wine evenings and auctions for art lovers and enthusiasts. The industry still remains quirky in the sense that an artists art isn’t worth much until they die… which is kind of morbid, but very true.

Art is everywhere we look. In fact, the 24 hours of Le Man is on as I write this. In this race, there are two cars dubbed Art Cars. These special entrants have had the honor of a reputable artist designing the paint scheme of their car for charity. These machines are not only functionally one of the fastest cars on the planet, reaching speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour… they look absolutely stunning! We think more sports should adopt this approach. Leave any suggestions you may have in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

Thats about it for now. Keep your eyes peeled for other examples of historic, modern, and post modern art and be sure to let us know. Also, check back for more posts, you wont be disappointed.